Unlock Your Inner Domestic Goddess

Unlock Your Inner Domestic Goddess

Your Trusted, Motivational Life-Coach in the area of Texarkana, TX & AR

I want to ignite the Supreme Spiritual Nurturer within all of you Ladies. God created us to be the back-bone of our home and families. He also created us to be whole, which means you must take time out to replenish your spirit, mind, body, and soul. We are beautiful creatures that add so much love, laughter and joy to the people around us and to ourselves. Allow me to guide you on this journey and help introduce you to your inner Domestic Goddess! There are tips and ways I can help you to bring forth the Domestic Goddess within you, which include (but are not limited to):

  • Daily Affirmations
  • Meditations
  • Centering Breathing Techniques
  • Positive thinking Techniques

These are just a few things to guide you (with my help) to giving birth to the Domestic Goddess within you. I am happy to do an intimate one-on-one Domestic Goddess Session, or if you prefer, a small group during a Girl’s-night-out with you and your friends.

Believe me—the benefits from this intimate session with leave you on cloud 10!!! Whether you are a Mother, Aunt, Sister, Grandmother, or just a woman—Dearice Speaks Life is here to help! I will discuss an array of areas you can improve on, and then we will build on those to develop your inner Domestic Goddess. Not to mention—you will be surprised by how fulfilling and fun it is to share your private feelings in an intimate setting.